August 6, 2011

Midnight- Seven Angels

twisted tongue and broken now there we walk around and round
artic halls are drifting grey music that nobody plays
ghosts of love kiss and tell drowning in the wishing well
deep inside the strangest dream is it you who waits for me?

and the sidewalk is going nowhere the seven angels in the sky
take a piece of my heart if you want to leave me please don't go
take one of my wings if you want to fly please don't go
take a few of the dreams we shared and keep them buried in the snow

warm beneath the snow

all for one and one for you it doesn't matter what you do
deep inside the strangest dream is not the safest place to be
did you feel the shiny knife running through your violent life?
take these arms of pure and white but they cut so deep into the night

deep beneath the snow

warm and safe beneath the snow
please don't

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