June 25, 2014

Η μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας Emerson, Lake & Palmer - From The Beginning

Από το άλμπουμ Trilogy (1972) των Emerson Lake and Palmer η μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας με τον τίτλο From The Beginning

There might have been things I missed, but don't be unkind
It don't mean I'm blind
Perhaps there's a thing or two I think of lying in bed
I shouldn't have said
But, there it is
You see, it's all clear
You were meant to be here from the beginning
Maybe I might have changed and not been so cruel
Not been such a fool
Whatever was done is done - I just can't recall
It doesn't matter at all
You see, it's all clear
You were meant to be here from the beginning

From the Beginning is a song written by Greg Lake and performed by the progressive rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It was released on their 1972 album Trilogy. It is driven by an acoustic guitar line with layers of electric guitar (both rhythm and lead), electric bass guitar, and sung by Lake, with some backing on drums (played by Carl Palmer withtympani mallets and without cymbals), and with a distinctive closing synthesizer solo from Keith Emerson, accompanied by overdubbed random synthesizer-generated effects. It hit #39 in the US and was their highest charting single.[1]

The song was covered by the heavy metal band Dokken[2] and Czech folk rock band Marsyas, albeit under a different name (Studená koupel) with a Czech version of the lyrics.[3]

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