January 17, 2011

Shadow Gallery - Don't Ever Cry Just Remember

I must have stood for hours 
The mist of dawn still rising 
Brushing from my face 
Cold tears of finally knowing 
The world that we had twisted 
The years of strength and glory 
Were wicked and obscene 
And there we stood so proud 
What legends we must be 
Really something to behold Lord 
So irresponsible 
With the powers of creation 
A princess crowned in jewels 
Robed in the finest cloth 
Dauntlessly invincible 
So perfect so unreal 

In one great moment judgements fallen 
Babylon no longer there 
Gone are her streets her giant towers 
Disappeared into thin air 
Don't ever cry just remember 

It must have been my mood 
I'm usually much stronger now 
I know there's just one way 
And this is how it has to be 
There was poison in our thoughts 
And there was hatred in our eyes 
Suddenly something came 
Something made it right 
We purged our hearts and souls 
And we saw through children's eyes 
Not stifled by the pain 
Not blinded by our 
Human nature don't you see at all 
The wisdom of our suffering 
The lies behind our ways 
The reasons for the end 

From the moment I was raptured 
Babylonia disappeared 
I now return here a survivor 
The rest have vanished to thin air 
Don't ever cry just remember 

The wind blows cold tonight 
No lamplights from no windows 
I am sure enough alone 
And I am sure enough alive 
So through eternity 
The gift of light gets passed along 
to those of us who saw 
What the rest could never see 
Born to a fallen world 
Longing for a morning star 
Held on high 
For me 
As this vision comes to close 
The last footsteps ever wonder here 
They echo in my mind 
Never to return 

All is done and slowly fading 
Babylon she once stood there 
I walked her streets I climbed her mountains 
I disappear into thin air 
Don't ever cry just remember

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