February 7, 2014

Η Μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας Steve Howe - Going, going, gone

Με τραγούδια του Bob Dylan το 1999 ο κιθαρίστας των Yes  Steve Howe κυκλοφόρησε το
άλμπουμ Portraits of Bob Dylan μέσα από αυτό θα ακούσουμε τη μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας  
Going, going, gone στα φωνητικά είναι ο Max Bacon

    I've just reached a place
    Where the willow don't bend.
    There's not much more to be said
    It's the top of the end.
    I'm going,
    I'm going,
    I'm gone.

    I'm closin' the book
    On the pages and the text
    And I don't really care
    What happens next.
    I'm just going,
    I'm going,
    I'm gone.

    I been hangin' on threads,
    I been playin' it straight,
    Now, I've just got to cut loose
    Before it gets late.
    So I'm going,
    I'm going,
    I'm gone.

    Grandma said, "Boy, go and follow your heart
    And you'll be fine at the end of the line.
    All that's gold isn't meant to shine.
    Don't you and your one true love ever part."

    I been walkin' the road,
    I been livin' on the edge,
    Now, I've just got to go
    Before I get to the ledge.
    So I'm going,
    I'm just going,
    I'm gone.

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