January 13, 2014

Παρουσίαση Kostas Nikolaides

Kostas learned to play the guitar from his father from the age of 8.
At 13 his father bought him his first electric guitar which he named ‘Red Justine’, a name to become later the title of one of the songs in Northwind’s first album ‘Northcomin’.

From 1976 started playing with local bands, among them 'Silver Mountain' and 'Lizard'.

In 1981 joined 'Northwind' and recorded Northwind’s 1st album Northcomin’ (1981, Polydor).

In 1982 formed 'Rough' with ex-Northwind members Pavlik Fakiroudis and Panos Tsakiroglou and former  'Data' keyboardist Makis Soufis.

In 1987 recorded Northwind’s 2nd album Mythology (1987, EMI).

In 1988 joined band 'Alternative Solution' with Pantelis Deligiannides and Pavlos Sidiropoulos.

In 1992 rejoined 'Northwind' and recorded material for Northwind’s attempt for a 3rd album in England. The album was recorded at 'Metropolis' studios in London, produced by producer George de Angelis but was never released.

From 1994 worked with producer George De Angelis in London in various projects, as a session musician and singer. Later formed band 'Glass Onion' with George De Angelis and bass player and producer Phil Brown.

In 1997 returned to Greece, consciously abstaining from music production altogether.

In 2012 feeling the urge, especially from Greece’s financial and social crisis, started working on the new album 'Fearful Symmetry', writing, performing, producing and recording the album.

Album 'Fearful Symmetry' is to be released shortly. The album title invokes William Blake’s last words in the poem ‘The Tyger’.

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