December 7, 2013

Monster Truck - For The Sun

Η σημερινή μουσική πρόταση μας έρχεται από τον Καναδά λέγονται Monster Truck  έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο E.P. και ενα άλμπουμ με τον τίτλο Furiosity μέσα από αυτό ακούμε το τραγούδι  For the Sun

I feel the sun,  
it makes me feel alive,
it keeps me warm,
like an honest man lying.

In these lonely days,
she's all that I have,
a constant reminder, 
of life moving past.

Time rolls by me like the wind.
and I'll keep flying 'til the end.

I feel the sun, 
she gives me what I need,
she don't take a thing,
not one thing from me.

She said she'd never leave me,
she promised she would stay.
now the darkest night, 
has taken her away.

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