October 5, 2013

DREAMTIDE - Sundance

Η μουσική πρόταση για το Σαββατοκύριακο Dreamtide και Sundance...καλά να περάσετε

Saints from the east have covered with blood
The land they're come to save

The sun of the west got lost in the flood,
Drowned by the blessings they gave

Now up from the ashes
You'll rise up again
Al that's lost
Will be found someday

Ad we dance to the drum
Children of the sun
We are
We will all feel the heat
Dancing to the beat
We will all sundance

The sound of the drum
It is calling my name
Free like the eagle I feel

The ages of darkness
Have not been in vain
It's time for
Old wounds to heal

We will dance to the drum
To the rhythm of the beat
Round the fires in the night,
We will dance 

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