May 14, 2013

Crippled Black Phoenix - Of A Lifetime

H Μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας ..πληροφορίες για την μπάντα μπορείτε να βρείτε εδω 

The mist is slowly lifting 
The sound of life misplaced your mind 
You're sitting, spellbound thru out time 
I hope that you remember what you find 
Singin' more Of A Lifetime 

You put it down-all that I'm thinking 
But take a long and distant search, when all is right 
You take for granted 

You can't look down but you're no worse. 
Singin' more of a lifetime 

The countless visions that are drifting 
The silver dreams you hate to lose. 
There's no harm. we've all been waiting. 
Well keep your faith. do what you choose. 
Singin' more of a lifetime

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