February 19, 2012

Chris Eckman and Anita Lipnicka - Who Will Light Your Path?

Who will light your path
Through the night?
When you travel the marshes
Toward which light
Will you turn your eyes?

When you hang in the void,
To whom will you call?
When you have no pillow,
Where will you
Lay your head?
Who will light
Your path
Through the night,
Toward what light
Will you turn?

The night is full of sounds,
But can you recognize
The right one?

The night is full of lights,

But which light
Is the light of your eyes?

And who casts the hook
For night waters
Into your mouth?

Who follows you close
As you go
Along your way?

Which teeth, white and rabid
From loneliness and hunger
Sink into your flesh?

Who will cut the ties?
Oh, what a sharp
Invisible knife

Who will wait for you
At the crossroads?
At midnight
Toward what light
Will you turn?

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