October 20, 2011

Journey - Kiss Me Softly

There’s a state of grace that happens every day
It’s a feeling I thought lost of locked away
Another question to an answer that I know
Oh, are you coming home, coming home for sure
I’d walk a thousand miles, just to hear you calling out my name


Kiss me softly kiss me slowly

I get lost in you like only lovers do
Hold me closer love me tender
I get swept away like only lovers do

You’ve awakened something deep inside my soul

And every moment, every breath I feel it more
Your hidden treasures that you keep down deep inside
We make love freely as we watch the new sunrise
I’d live a thousand lives if every one I loved could be with you

Repeat chours

I’d live a thousand lives

If every one I loved could be with you...

Only lovers, only lovers, only lovers do

1 comment:

KANTHAR0S said...

Υποτιμημένη μπάντα, όμορφο τραγούδι.

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