March 26, 2011

Between the times - Eloy

between the times
I'm rolling like a steamer on far away oceans
I feel the times
and fears a deadly wave of memory explosion
I try to embrace the sun
see suddenly has ?
what do you my son
what do you my son
between the times

the tempting ? were carried by ? horses
I feel the times
surviving wounds were set by ? enforcers
I'm blinded by my pain
see sunbeam her again
your eyes cold drops of rain
but do you know my pain
but do you know my pain


~reflection~ said...

there is no time!!!!

I hold your son in my arms...

and all my flowers are growing, like kids under the Sun of our Heart...

Φιλιά..... πρωινής λιακάδας {ευτυχίας}....

Dimitris Karma said...

καλημερες πολλες ηλιολουστες και γλυκιες

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