April 3, 2009


συνεντευξη με τον michael wilton κιθαριστα των queensryche

AngelDevil: Hi Michael, nice to talk to you. It's kind of you to take the time to answer my questions.

Michael: So nice to talk to you.


AngelDevil: Let’s talk about your new album "American Soldier". This is a concept album inspired by veterans’ stories examines the consequences of war from the soldiers. So, what inspired you guys to write about this subject? I think it must has been very emotional...

Michael: We have noticed through out are years of touring that a majority of our fans are or were in the military. Thus the seed was sown and our singer Geoff Tate began interviewing various military personnel. He than came to the band with a conceptual idea that is based on the stories of soldiers. Since we all have family that has served in the military this was a no brainer.


AngelDevil: How long did it take the "American Soldier"- writing, recording and a process?

Michael: My process took about 2 months of solid recording. There were about 15-20 demos that had to be worked out. That was back in April of 08. We were in heavy fly-out tour mode so it was a fragmented recording schedule.

AngelDevil: "If I Were A King" is the first single, do you think there’s a track on the album that best represents this work?

Michael: I like “at 30,000 feet” It has the  mellow grand Queensryche intro than blasts into a Mincrime-ish chorus section than transcends into a rage for order like double solo section.


AngelDevil: And are you gonna make a video from this album?

Michael: We filmed a video for the first single “If I were king” You should be able to view it on the internet.


AngelDevil: What did you guys think when Mike decided to leave the band?And do you think about getting another guitar player now?

Michael: I was a bit surprised because I knew nothing of this. I can only wish the very best for Stone. He is a class act and a good friend. We had a limited amount of time for a replacement. I talked to a few guitar friends of mine but it was to arduous of a task to learn 40 Queensryche songs in 6 weeks so GT suggested the guy who was in his solo band since he basically knew the bulk of our material.


AngelDevil: How do you see your previous albums? Are they snapshots of your personae at the time, steps in a linear evolution... Good memories...

Michael: Queensryche s longevity is an enigma in itself. I am thankful that we have been able to create and perform music for so many years. I view Queensryche as a work in progress. The fact that 4 guys can still get together with different musical influences and different egos and churn out music defies the industry standard.


AngelDevil: Which is the song that comes close to your personality ?

Michael: There are so many songs that touch me deeply in side all for different reasons.


AngelDevil: Do you plan any solo albums?

Michael: Yes, I have another Soulbender album that is half finished and a solo project that I just started. So expect this to be a very busy year for the WHIP.



AngelDevil: Which were the most important steps in your life and your career as a musician?

Michael: This may sound corny but I believed in myself, or who I thought I was. I am a very visual person so I had a burning passion to fulfill my goals. I definitely discovered a discipline that kept me grounded and on track.



AngelDevil: If I asked you to choose a few guitarists that influenced your style and approach to playing, who would they be?

Michael: Well I started listening at a young age to Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Al Dimeola, Jimmy Page to name a few.


AngelDevil: Which feelings you want your fans have when you play?

Michael: I would want a crowd to feel passionate about the music and enjoy themselves.


AngelDevil: Who is Michael Wilton in his daily life?

Michael: A husband, a Dad and Master of the universe.


AngelDevil: Any last comments you want to make?

Michael: Thank you for the years of support and I hope you can catch us on our upcoming tour.


AngelDevil: I wanna sincerely thank you for this interview opportunity with you. . It has been an honor and a pleasure. See you at the Gods Of Metal in Monza - Italy.



The Warning - 1984

Rage for Order - 1986

Operation: Mindcrime - 1988

Empire - 1990

Promised Land - 1994

Hear in the Now Frontier - 1997

Q2K - 1999

Tribe - 2003

Operation: Mindcrime II - 2006

Take Cover - 2007

American Soldier - 2009

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