December 3, 2013

Metallica - Rock am Ring 2012

Σήμερα στις 10 το βράδυ θα μεταδώσουμε το live που έδωσαν οι Metallica στο Nürburgring, 02/06/2012

 Setlist :

1.-Hit the Lights
2.-Master of Puppets
3.-Ride the Lightning
4.-For Whom the Bell Tolls
5.-Hell and Back
6.-The Struggle Within
7.-My Friend of Misery
8.-The God That Failed
9.-Of Wolf and Man
10-Nothing Else Matters
11-Through the Never
12-Don't Tread on Me
13-Wherever I May Roam
14-The Unforgiven
15-Holier Than Thou
16-Sad But True
17-Enter Sandman
20-Seek & Destroy 

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