August 18, 2013

Lunatic Soul - lunatic soul

Η σημερινή μουσική πρόταση της ημέρας από το Ράδιο Ταξιδευτές μας έρχεται από την Πολωνία και τους Lunatic Soul

I can't describe what's going on with me
A different nature moving rapidly
Being halfway here
And halfway somewhere else

My whole life starts to flash in front of me
I'm overwhelmed in joy, quiet and peace
All words I know are three-dimensional
I feel all troubles are gone
I feel all troubles are gone

I glimpse the spirits of my relatives
I see the others
The being of light
Shifting through a tunnel, long and dark

I regret all those things that I had left undone
And I wish I could fix everything that was wrong
I wish I could tell you how sorry I am
This is not the end
It's the start of something that I'm really scared of
That I'm scared to life
I'm scared to life
I'm scared to life
I'm scared to life

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