August 25, 2013

Giant - Cant let go

Καλημέρα καλή Κυριακή!Η σημερινή μουσική πρόταση είναι μιά μπαλάντα από το συγκρότημα των GiantI thought of no one else but you today
But you've gone awayI can't believe no matter how I tryYou were the one I lived for, don't you see?The heart of meNow I'm left alone wondering why
I heard my heart will healIt only takes some timeBut that's a mountain I can't seem to climb
I can't let goI can't let goLovin' you is all I knowI can't let goAnd heaven knowsAnother day goes byLord I tryI can't let go
Your face is everywhere I turn aroundI'm haunted nowYou know I even think I hear your voiceSometimes a memory is just strong enoughI need your touchI never thought I'd be without that choice
I have to leave the pastAnd take you off my mindBut that's a mountain I can't seem to climb
 I keep coming back to the place the story ends
And pray that it's all just a dream I'm livin' inI keep reachin' outI keep reachin' outBut the truth gets in the way
I thought of no one else but you todayBut you've gone away...


flash said...

Και η σημερινή σας πρόταση ταυτίζεται με το συναίσθημά μου και κατακλύζει την καρδιά μου

Αέναος Ταξιδευτής said...

Την καλημέρα μου Flash!!

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