April 6, 2013

Spirit Caravan - Cosmic Artifact

New Horizons, Talkin' 'bout A
True, Defiant, Alliance
We Won't Be Bowed Or Buried
To The Earth We Must Re-Marry
Until We've Found
The Light Inside Us It's True We Stand Divided
Well, What Ya Gonna Do
Is Find A Way To Get Yourself Excited
Yeah, Incite It!
We've Got To Wise Up
And Rise Up
Let Your Third Eye Glow
And Be Your Guide Up! 


lefti said...

Πολύ δυνατό...
Μου θύμισες τους ...The obsessed και το Spirit Caravan...εξ ου και το όνομα των πρώτων
Tην καλημέρα μου :)

Αέναος Ταξιδευτής said...

Επιρροές ...έτσι είναι!!! και την δική μου καλησπέρα!! :)

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