February 14, 2013

Shawn Phillips - Woman

The glow
Around your face
When you see
The lightning race
I know
I'm very near
And I can hear
The thunder
A woman
Of perplexity
A woman
For eternity
A woman
Of the land
A woman
For a man
I'm down
On my knees
And I'm saying
Please believe me
It's hard
To fall out
Of love
It's harder
To find a way
To come back
To speak
Of things anew
To weep
In quiet blue
Upon your bed
Memories should fade
At least of you
A sceptre
Of ice and fire
A spectre
Of my desire
A girl-child
Of such loveliness
The woman
Of my emptiness
A woman
Of famed renown
A woman
Who kicks the clown
A woman
Of the land
A woman
For a man

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