September 10, 2012

Spider - White Snake

Η μουσικη προταση της ημερας...Καλημερα και καλη εβδομαδα.....

I Dreamed of a time 
When little hands were holding mine 
And the plans, that we made, 
Had fallen apart and gone away 
And in the end you'll find 
Not all of us were meant to shine 

A fleeting glimpse 
A knowing look 
One last kiss 
Can you be there for me? 
The air was always there for me 
And in the end you'll find 
What little hands had in mind 

And, babe 
Are you there? 
Is it too late, 
Do you still care? 
If your loved one 
Sticks around 
While little hands hold you down 
And in the end you'll find 
Hands that hold 
Are hands that bind


Αstrapi said...

καλά με έστειλες τώρα...σάμπως μπήκε με το καλό η βδομάδα...
κεντάει η ομάδα σήμερα...
Την Καλημέρα μου και καλή εβδομάδα...

Dimitris Karma said...

Καλη εβδομαδα αδερφε.....

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