August 8, 2012

Quidam - No Quarter

Τυχαια οπως γινεται συνηθως επεσα πανω σ αυτο το τραγουδι και εχω λιωσει να το ακουω.Οι Quidam μια μπαντα απο την Πολωνια αγνωστη σε μενα διασκευαζουν Led Zeppelin τραγουδι που σιγουρα θα το βαλω στη λιστα  με τα τραγουδια που παιζουν στο Karma Web Radio 

Close the door, put out the light
You know they won't be home tonight 
The snow falls hard and don't you know 
The winds of Thor are blowing cold
They're wearing steel that's bright and true
They carry news that must get through 

They choose the path where no-one goes
They hold no quarter,
They hold no quarter.

Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that's slow
The dogs of doom are howling more
They carry news that must get through 
To build a dream for me and you
They choose the path that no one goes 
They hold no quarter, 
They ask no quarter,
They hold no quarter,
They ask no quarter...they think about no quarter...With no quarter quarter


lefti said...

Πολύ καλοί.
Θα τους ψάξω...

Dimitris Karma said...

Διασκευαζουν και το child in time οχι τοσο επιτυχημενα αλλα εχουν και δικα τους τραγουδια πολυ αξιολογα...Καλημερα και σε σενα..!!!

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