June 7, 2012

Nightingale - Nightfall Overture

Just another midnight hour
Enjoying the cold of a dark winter night
I see the darkness devour
Everything that once was light
And the stars in the sky
Are so lifeless and so grey

Walking in the light of the moon
When the night repairs the day
From the trees comes a mourful tune
I am not alone I can hear them say
The moon is your guide
There is no place you can hide

Oh, when the night comes down
And all the colours turns black and white
Oh, when the night comes down
And the dark is conducting the nightfall overture

Who am I in the eyes of the world
What have I done that will remain
Who am I? Will I ever know?
But right now I am the king of this winterlane

Is there anybody out there?
In the middle of the mist in the field
The air doesn't relieve me anymore
Something is here that I have never felt before
...And it's closing in on me...

I am lost in the maze of the night
Surrounded by lights so dark
I am losing all track of time
I'm trying to come out of this endless park

And the air is so dry
I can hear the daylight cry

...Is there anybody out there???...
( Swano )

I see the day is coming
The night is led astray
The dawn of new desires
The end of yesterday
I walk the road to nowhere
Ah, that's what I call home
If I only knew what I was heading for,
But I don't have a place to roam

And then I heard the voices calling
Across the sky in flames
I could hear them clearer now
Once again I could hear them say:

Dream, dream!
I hear the shadows say
Go to sleep my friend!
But I'll remain awake
Dream, dream!
I hear the shadows say

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