November 12, 2010

Orphaned Land - "Sapari"

It soared from the ark the dove within me
It sings forever, it flies free
I call to thee my torch in darkness, thou art born
Ornaments of gold shine so bright
You are the way, you are the light
I dwell in this my shelter and thy birth do I foresee

סַפְּרִי תַמָּה תְמִימָה סַפְּרִי נָגִיל בְּתֵימָא
בַּת מְלָכִים הַחֲכָמָה אָן מְקוֹמֵךְ סַפְּרִי לִי
עָנְתָה יוֹנָה סְעַדְיָה לִי בְּפַלְטֵרִין עֲלִיָּה
וַאֲנִי תּוֹךְ לֵב אֳנִיָּה בַּיְּפִי עוֹטָה מְעִילִי

"'Sapari' was written in the 17th century by a Jewish poet. It's a conversation duet between the poet and his soul, he is seeking for it while the soul answers that it is in the high heavens soon to wear the shape of a human body." - Kobi Farhi, Orphaned Land


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