October 27, 2009

SPIN GALLERY: Sweden's AOR Finest is back

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of SPIN GALLERY’s new album “Embrace” on December 4th 2009 in Europe and January 12th 2010 in the USA.

The concept behind the band started in 1997, when main songwriter, producer and musician for the project Tommy Denander together, with singer and co-writer Kristoffer Lagerström made a few demos, which included the song "Grace" that first was released on Tommy's Radioactive album "Ceremony Of Innocence" and later re-recorded for the Spin Gallery debut.

From that song Tommy started to develop ad idea to build up a band with multiple singers with a sound that could mix Melodic Rock in the vein of Mr Mister, Toto and Giant with a more modern high tech sound and that would include more contemporary influences from Peter Gabriel, Sting and Pink Floyd.

The first album entitled “Standing Tall” was released in 2004 and got some amazing responses, with legendary Kerrang Magazine Dave Reynolds saying “The best I've heard in ten years…”. It also featured a few big name guests like David Foster, Michael Thompson and Randy Goodrum. For the new album the original members Kristoffer Lagerström and Tommy Denander again wanted to invite just a couple of friends… 2 legendary voices sing duet with Kristoffer on the new album: Dan Reed on the song "You Do The Things You Do" and Robin Beck on the radio friendly "Just A Momentary Why". "Embrace" also features the great L.A. session master Glen Marks on drums and Swedish sensation Marika Willstedt on cello.

Kristoffer and Tommy spent 18 months working on this album to ensure that every song is a smash and that "Embrace" lives up to the praise of the first release as well as standing the test of time with a masterful craft in songwriting, performance and production. Tommy Denander says "I hold this as the best production I've done so far and we really took every tiny little piece of the album and worked on it until we were totally satisfied, Kristoffer does an amazing job on the vocals and we had a fantastic, inspired and very creative time making it", while Kristoffer adds: "This is the album I've always wanted to make and it came out even better than I could imagine when we started this journey"

Tommy produced the album and plays guitars, bass, keyboards and loops/FX with Kristoffer handling all vocals.

“Embrace” tracklisting includes: Embrace; Stone By Stone; Just a Momentary Why (feat. Robin Beck); Brilliance of the Drugs; Eyes Wide Open; Blood In My Veins; You Do The Things You Do (feat. Dan Reed); Indulge; Without Love; Tic Toc; Everything Fades; The End.

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