April 6, 2009



Violent Disease was formed in early 2008 by Stratos D.(vocals),Dimitris(guitars),George(bass) & Crish(drums).
Our first song recordered in the summer of 2008 at Noise Factory Studio.
After some changes in our style,we decided to play in a more neo-thrash way

 Upcoming Shows
12 Apr 20090:00
New song recording!!@ Noise Factory Studio
24 Apr 200919:00
TEXAS NECROPOLIS - w/ Scarfade/Dark Vision/Evidence Of Pain/Doom Guard@ TEXAS NECROPOLIS - Athens
27 Jun 200920:00
AN Club - w/ Nyreid/Simple Disorder/Never Ending Pain/T.B.A.@ AN Club - Athens
11 Jul 200920:00
w/ One Last Enemy/Total Riot/Unmasking The Betrayer/Decency Defied/T.B.A.T.B.A. - Athens

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