April 5, 2009

Petition for Journey's Induction to RNR Hall Of Fame

We the undersigned, mindful of our right and duty to preserve the
interest of the rock group Journey, do hereby petition the Nominating
Committee of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to nominate and induct the
aforementioned into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Journey's music has been a shining light to our lives and in the music
business for over 20 plus years. Their inspiration and dedication to
their fans is unsurpassed and continues today. Thus by signing this
petition, we thus implore the Nominating Committee to hear, and act
immediately upon our collective voice of reason and to support our
commitment to this band. Thus, nominating and inducting, Journey into
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

PLEASE - Your name and email address are required to make your vote count! 

The phrase "Please add my name to the petition" must be included in the comment area. 

We The Undersigned: 


The Undersigned 

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