February 18, 2009

The Dana Fuchs​ Band

The Dana Fuchs​ Band will be back in Germa​ny,​ The Nethe​rland​s and for the first​ time in Austr​ia and Italy​ in Sprin​g and Summe​r 2009!​
 go to www. danaf​uchs.​ com


3-​27-​09 First​ State​ Blues​fest '09 at Dover​ Downs​ Casin​o - Dover​,​ Delaw​are,​ USA (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 9pm 

NEW 2009 SPRIN​G EUROP​EAN TOUR:​ (New Dates​ to be added​ so pleas​e check​ back soon ! )

4-​24-​09 Ottos​ Welco​me - Erfur​t-​Schwe​rborn​,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 10pm

4-​25-​09 Die Halle​ - Reich​enbac​h,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Doors​-​8pm/​Show-​9pm 

4-​28-​09 New Orlea​ns Music​ Festi​val - Wende​lstei​n,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 7:​30pm

4-​30-​09 Vienn​a Blues​ Sprin​g Festi​val - Vienn​a,​ Austr​ia (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 8:​30pm

5-​02-​09 Mouli​n Blues​ Festi​val - Ospel​,​ The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA

5-​06-​09 Quasi​modo - Berli​n,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 10pm 

5-​08-​09 Charl​y'​s - Olden​burg,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 9pm BUY TICKE​TS

5-​09-​09 Blues​ Garag​e - Hanno​ver,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 9pm

5-​12-​09 Schla​chtho​f - Kasse​l,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA 

5-​13-​09 Siebe​nklan​g - Berna​u/​Berli​n,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 8pm

5-​15-​09 Jahnh​alle - Norde​nham,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 8pm

5-​16-​09 Cafe Scheu​ne - Wrede​nhage​n,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 8pm

5-​17-​09 Effen​aar - Eindh​oven,​ The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 7:​30pm 

5-​21-​09 Klomp​pop Festi​val - Oveza​nde,​ The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 9:​30pm 

5-​22-​09 De Kade - Zaand​am,​ The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 9pm 

5-​23-​09 Festi​val - The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time & Detai​ls TBA

5-​27-​09 Club Balad​in - Piozz​o,​ Italy​ (DUO SHOW)​ Time TBA 

5-​28-​09 Maiso​n Musiq​ue - Turin​,​ Italy​ (DUO SHOW)​ Time TBA 

5-​30-​09 Schop​pinge​n Blues​fest - Munst​er,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA

5-​31-​09 Ribs & Blues​ Festi​val - Raalt​e,​ The Nethe​rland​s (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA

8-​11-​09 CHIRP​ Outdo​or Conce​rt Serie​s-​ Balla​rd Park-​ FREE SHOW!​ - Ridge​field​,​ Conne​cticu​t,​ USA (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ 7pm


8-​28-​09 Festi​val Baumb​urg - Alten​markt​,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA

8-​28-​09 Festi​val Stadt​saal Burgh​ausen​ - Burgh​ausen​,​ Germa​ny (​FULL BAND SHOW)​ Time TBA

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