June 25, 2008

Ted Nugent to celebrate 6000th gig July 4

Get ready America, for the historic 6000th concert of Ted Nugent’s career: a massive Friday, July 4 blowout at the outdoor DTE Energy Amphitheater in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

“It is guaranteed to be the most emotional, sensual, grind fest of what you’ve witnessed on the ‘Rolling Thunder Tour’ so far — the highest level of energy from anybody, anywhere, anytime,” says rock’s legendary guitar frontman and virtuoso, currently on his 50th tour that will take him through September 27.

“I was born and raised in Detroit in the shadow of the mighty Funk Brothers and I was taught the ropes of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Mose Allison, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. I started playing back there under the guidance of Joe Podorsek, my guitar teacher from the Capitol School of Music on Grand River Avenue, in 1957. My first performance was at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in the summer of 1958 with Joe Podorsek and the Capitol School of Music Revue. I don’t remember such a level of fear in all my life, as I wasn’t quite 10 years old. And to return on Independence Day is rather demonstrative of my American dream firestorm for almost 60 years. The feeling will be indescribable. And to have Greg Smith on bass and Mick Brown on drums,” adds Uncle Ted, “will once again prove that God loves me more than he loves you because he keeps sending me these unbelievable world-class virtuosos to propel and throttle.”

Continues Ted: “Michiganiacs demand maximum excellence—they are the ultimate demanding and discerning audience in the world. I have a connection with those music lovers that is personified in the borders of Michigan, and this show is going to be a mountain top that most musicians can only fantasize about.”


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