June 20, 2008

Josh Homme Is Never Too Sick To Fight

Josh Homme, one of our favorite living rock stars, flipped the fuck out on a kid who threw a bottle at the Norwegian Wood festival Queens Of The Stone Age played last weekend. And it all got caught on tape.

“Do me one favor, though. Don’t throw any shit at me. You throw something at me, I’m not so sick that I can’t go down there and beat the fucking shit out of you, you know what I’m saying? I may have a fucking 102° temperature and been puking for three days, but I’ll still butt-fuck you in front of all your friends. [Spots the culprit in the crowd] Hey, you, right there… Hey, you, with the fucking hat on! Hey, pussy! Turn around, you fucking pussy with the black hair! Turn the fuck around, you chickenshit fucking faggot! Hey, you- you fucking pussy motherfucker! I will fuck you up! C’mon up here! C’mon up here, you fucking little faggot! You know what?! Get your fucking ass up here! You’re so stupid you’ll come up here. Lift him up so that I can kick him in the fucking face. [Throws something at the kid] Invisible fucking cunt. Go back to your mom’s house, you 12-year-old dickless fucking turd! And his friends, you wanna throw something too or are you all cool? You’re all good? You know this dickless fucking turd has no friends anyway, man. I came here for the rest of you- not for this asshole.”


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